Torrino is an iconic collection of 554 NFTs really exclusive generated on the Solana Blockchain, made with unique traits of varying rarity. Torrino NFTs are inspired to a stylized gecko, considered as an universal good luck charm, combined with five talismans attracting fortune, according to different human cultures. The entire NFTs collection is backed by Torrino DAO with a community driven approach: Torrino DAO reppresents a thriving community of Solana evangelists who strongly believe in the rise of Web3 space. Official NFT Mint Page only in LMNFT.

Any Torrino NFT holder is a DAO voting member, DAO mission is to create value for the entire collection in a long term perspective and protect the value of Torrino NFT Collection from typycal pump and dump scheme. 80% of minted funds form DAO Treasury, that is essential for fuelling the success and the longevity of the entire NFT collection, furthermore DAO Treasury can offer financial support required for the growth of DeFi functions and strategic partenships with other Solana rising projects. According to DAO Manifesto, treasury funds can be used to purchase other digital collectibles from emerging NFT collections as well as acquire any type of crypto assets inside Solana ecosystem. Creators and developers of Torrino NFT Collection are DeFi enthusiasts and NFT lovers united by passion for disruptive innovation.

We have had enough of monkeys, teddy bears and pixelated silhouettes when we think about a collection of NFTs: for this reason we have created a completely original concept design, really unlike from the most famous collections in the world, paying close attention to aesthetic aspect and combinations of traits in such a way to make each NFT truly unique. In mediterranean culture, the gecko is a nice reptile revered for being the propitiator of good luck, in fact it can often be seen as a typical ornamental element on the external facades of houses. The concept design was also combined with five talismans considered auspicious in everyday life such as a lady beattle or a four-leaf clover. The presence of 37 variants made it possible to generate four levels of rarity [common, epic, rare, legendary] which produce a total of 554 unique combinations: in no way this collection was generated using AI software or the usual graphic processing software prefered by NFT industry.

Even if the collection boasts an exclusive originality compared to others on the market, it’s in terms of utility that it stands out the most. DAO manages its treasury with the aim of creating and maintaining a suitable endowment of collectible resources to support the entire collection: holding a Torrino NFT guarantees access with voting right to DAO, which is also in charge of organizing special airdrop events, staking functions, ticket lottery and raffles for all NFT hodlers. If it will be allowed by the changing crypto laws, it is very likely that an ambitious passive income program will be defined in the near future.
Solana NFTs are in a constant state of change, with holders' expectations shifting frequently. There is no guarantee whatsoever that Torrino NFT collection will be successful or that its price will remain stable even with the support of DAO Treasury. NFTs are volatile and uncertain, their prices can be also hit by heavy impact in others blockchain failures or by hostility of new laws passed by international regulators. You should buy a Torrino NFT exclusively for the pleasure of owning a unique digital artwork and to be a Torrino DAO member, while those who buy it for speculative purposes are in fact making an insane risky bet.
The collection was conceived to fully satisfy the three structural features of every successful NFT collection: originality, rarity and utility, however it is precisely utility that makes the collection attractive and different from many others, thanks to the presence of DAO Treasury that has the ambitious goal of protecting the value of the entire collection over time
Whoever owns a Torrino NFT becomes a Torrino DAO member, DAO Treasury represents the supporting pillar of the entire NFT collection
The functioning of DAO is specified inside DAO Manifesto, only holders of a Torrino NFT can take part during voting session
Each NFT held corresponds to one voting right, therefore, whoever owns five NFTs then holds five voting rights and so on.
This power is reserved exclusively to DAO, which expresses itself with the vote on the destination of the resources proposed by GC with the support of CSP. The transfer of treasury funds is regulated by a smart contract which is activated only in the event of an approved vote
At least 51% of the voting rights is required, if this is not achieved the proposal is rejected and no transfer of funds can be performed
Treasury address is public on Solana blockchain, therefore anyone can check it, furthermore the calls to vote and all the operations concerning the treasury are available on our Discord server
DAO members can apply to be appointed as GC member or CSP member in compliance with the provisions of DAO Manifesto, however considering that there could also be intrusion attempts [raids] by tricksters and bandits, the applications are examined by GC with veto power and subsequently proposes for last approval to DAO.

Applications must be published in the relevant section of Torrino DAO Discord Server and must allow the personal identification of the proponent thanks to Twitter Blue Verified Badge or else Linkedin profile.

The collection is already listed on MagicEden and Tensor.